Rachel Curry


Rachel Curry is a writer focusing on radical wellness, sustainability and local issues. Based in York, she finds value in connecting with her community both personally and professionally. Rachel is a 2017 graduate of University of Delaware’s English and journalism program and has since gone on to develop her own writing business, which prioritizes journalism and business writing alike. You may encounter her work on finance and investing—which she uses to help others empower themselves in a world that struggles to provide equitability.

For Rachel, exploration is the backbone of much of her perspectives. She has lived in Thailand, Ireland and Vermont, and traveled even more. She also finds joy in hiking and camping in and around the Susquehanna Valley (often with her two dogs, who she rescued from the streets of Thailand). 

Rachel’s work has been featured in numerous local publications, including YRK Magazine, Delaware Today, The Burg and more. One day, she hopes to pass on her experiences to future writing students hoping to break the status quo. Regardless of Rachel’s proficiencies, her priority is sharing stories that remind people they're not alone. Ultimately, she wants to act as a bridge connecting the world to the information they need to feel better, be better and make this planet a better place to live.

You can connect with Rachel on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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