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Nominate A Woman of Strength

Every November, our issue highlights women making a difference in the Susquehanna Valley. We'd like to ask YOU, our readers, to nominate women. We want you to tell us about the amazing women who kept our region moving during these times of uncertainty—the women who kept us fed, safe, motivated, informed, and inspired.

Maybe it was a local news reporter you looked to for guidance, a healthcare professional working overtime on the frontlines, a school teacher that went above and beyond to keep your children learning, a volunteer that never gave up, a local grocery store employee that risked their own health for yours—the list goes on.

Tell us, who was that woman for you?

Please submit your nomination by August 25th for consideration to be included in our upcoming Women of Strength feature in November.

*Please note, once nominations are concluded, the Susquehanna Style team will choose the women who will be featured in the issue*