May 2019

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Photo courtesy Cocoa Creek Chocolates

In honor of 12 community businesses, Brittle Bark recently unveiled its new Hometown Mechanicsburg Truffle Collection with 12 truffles—one for each business Read more


Meet an 81-year-old marathon runner, a traveling retired surgeon, and a former nurse dedicated to helping others in memory of her husband Read more


Green burials offer a natural and environmentally friendly way for a funeral arrangement, and the option is becoming more popular Read more

Life Style

Geography can play a role in shaping who we are, but no matter where we're from, we are the same on the inside Read more

Self & Wellness

Maize Mexican Cantina offers classic and delicious Mexican dishes, desserts, and drinks Read more


Jumpstart your summer weekends with these easy and delicious gluten-free brunch recipes Read more


These local places offer some of our favorite tortilla-wrapped goodness for any time of the year Read more

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