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Jim Mack’s has been making their ice cream in the same spot for more than 60 years. Read more

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Photos left to right by Asya Photography, Caroline Logan Photography, The Premise Studio, Jeremy Hess

Five tips to personalize any party plus, three real life celebrations that found their niche Read more


5 ways to make your NYE party Instagram worthy in $10 or less Read more

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“Baking started out as a fun project we could do with the kids,” Nancy Nicholson explains. “Baking sweets is like an experiment: changing this, adding that. Read more


If you’ve never done yoga, I know you’re thinking “how can stretching help my stress?” But without going on a rant, I will simply explain that yoga is so much more than stretching. Read more

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Bronzy hues are typically used in our summer makeup regimen, but this fall, keep your orange and gold hues on hand. Read more

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I have never considered myself a “theatre person.” In fact, I just had to Google whether or not there is a difference between “theater” and “theatre.” Read more

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Summer is the season of barbecues, picnics and endless opportunities to rock patriotic attire! Read more

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With summer right around the corner, the Style staff is ready to plan our summer vacations and weekend getaways! Here are our top picks for warm weather adventures. Read more

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I have never considered myself a “theatre person.” Read more

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Ah, at last, Spring. The season when we emerge from our double-layered leggings and chunky sweaters and find our lighter and brighter attire. It’s the season of picnics, graduation parties, cookouts and family reunions. Read more

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Tiny is taking over in a big way. From the television series to Pinterest boards, the tiny house movement is one of the biggest trends in home building. Read more

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If you’re in downtown Lancaster looking at beautiful artwork or shopping the latest trends, pop around the corner to Orange Street’s newest boutique. Read more

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Gentlemen, let’s not tiptoe around the issue: sometimes work attire is just as boring as afternoon meetings. So step out of your comfort zone and update your old suit and tie by stepping into some new accessories. Read more


Every year, every month, and every diet, I do the same thing. I come up with a plan, I do everything I need to do to prepare for that plan, and it works, until it doesn’t. Read more

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Christmas at my mom’s house is always a truly magical experience. The majority of the magic is found naturally through the spirit of Christmas, another part is found in the warm embrace of family. Read more

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In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote a story that forever changed the meaning of Christmas. Read more


So I admit it, I am a snooze-button-junkie. I love it, I hate it, I can’t resist it. In the moment, those 7 extra minutes of sleep seem so worth it, but, as I leave my apartment frenetic, sweating, and annoyed, it never really is. Read more

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When searching for an outfit, we usually shop “head-to-toe,” but for summer we have more of a “toes-to-sandal” philosophy. Read more

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Every Mother’s Day I find myself thinking the same thing: “Why don’t I celebrate my mom more often?” Read more

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