Mara Clements

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Mara is the founder of MoreSPACE Professional Organizing in Lancaster. A frequent contributor to Susquehanna Style magazine, Mara is sought after for her empathetic and strategic approach to helping people organize, declutter, and right-size at all stages of life. Mara has been in business 13+ years, has worked with more than 500 people, and organized more than 1,000 rooms! Her ultimate goal is to empower her clients to uncover their peace by helping them reclaim their space. Mara works alongside you through the decluttering process so she can organize what matters to you and style your home or office to fit your personality and reach your goals.

You can find out more by visiting her website at and following her on social media @morespace_organizing (Instagram) and @MoreSpaceOrganizing (Facebook).   

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