Deborah Lynch


Fitness and the outdoors have always been a part of my life. As a former runner (track and later road races including marathons) whose joints and fascia have relegated me to hiking and walking, long walks are my therapy and method of exploration. I've run along the Mediterranean in Nice, France, in the midnight sun on the streets of Stockholm, through New York City, and on paths and roads all around the Susquehanna Style region. Running and walking are the best ways to get to know a new place. I also grew up as a steward of the forests, working for two summers in the Youth Conservation Corps. While nature beckons, my heart lives on the city streets. I regularly traverse Midtown Harrisburg and along the Susquehanna River as well as South Philly, Harlem, Brooklyn and beyond. I've been a sports writer, news copy editor, composition and ESL instructor, tutor, adviser and mentor. Currently, I'm a freelance writer and editor who loves books, rock concerts, 7 a.m. HIIT training sessions and great food and drinks.

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