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For only $2.75 the breakfast cookie comes loaded with all of the good stuff to start the day and none of the bad stuff to drag you down. more

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North African spices are having a moment in the culinary world, and for good reason. The flavors are complex, exotic and yet surprisingly easy to incorporate with familiar ingredients. We asked an expert on the subject, Judy Gitomer, co-own... more

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Overlooking the 18th hole at Crossgates Golf Club in Millersville, with its lush, green, winding path and a pink-hued sunset reflecting off the pond, you might, for a moment, forget where you are. more

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Sarah Mock blogs at Savoring the Good ( about food, family, Disney, movies, travel and technology. She lives in York County with her high school sweetheart husband, three children and seven chickens. more

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It’s all very straightforward and comfortable: a simple and traditional American menu, blended with whiskey and history. more

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Soup…could there be a food more synonymous with comfort? From the first autumn chill in September through the last frosty day in April, soup is guaranteed to appear in our meal plan at least once a week. more

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Note Bistro and Wine Bar has turned a forgotten city corner into a neighborhood gem. more

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Eating vegetarian most of the time can be surprisingly easy, even in the season when it seems local produce is not abundant. more

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Something about the holiday season evokes tradition, including recipes shared across generations. more

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Diners in the know are celebrating. Tapenade Bistro—York Township’s destination for breakfast, lunch and Friday night dinner—has been serving its inspired fare for a decade. more

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You’ll be bowled over at how easy (and healthy) serving up squash bowls can be for dinner this autumn. Perfect for vegetarians or meat lovers, edible bowls of roasted acorn squash pack practicality in nutritious containers. more

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It’s the season for everything pumpkin, and we love pumpkin lattes, rolls, cookies and pie as much as the next person, but there’s also so much more to love about pumpkin, especially in savory applications. more

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So you follow a gluten- or dairy-free diet. Maybe you’re vegetarian…vegan, even. Perhaps you have a food allergy or, more commonly, multiple allergies. more

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September is here, which means it’s back-to-school, back-to-work and all around back-to-crazy season. If you find yourself in need of a little sweetness to help you through the day, whip up a batch of bars. These baked goods can be made in bunche... more

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Above all, Ed and Ellen Diller love food. You could, indeed, call them foodies in the truest sense of the word­—they are all about the food. more

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37 Sandwiches we’re crushing on around the region plus, breads and spreads to make your own sandwiches special. more

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The brewery, named after the Revolutionary War hero, pays homage to that history, from their unique tap handles to brewing classic beer from the era. more

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