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“Every business has a story,” says photographer Jeremy Hess. “Our commitment is to understand it, capture it and share it through compelling visuals.” more

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Bill Pugh has a deeper personal connection to health care than most healthcare CFOs. Much of his childhood was spent visiting hospitals, as his mother battled heart disease until she passed away when he was 13. more

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“Family” is literally stitched into the fabric of Filling’s Clothing, a Lancaster-based, family-owned and operated business since 1929. more

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Finding your passion in life leads to success, according to David Lyall. more

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Since 1968, Hively Landscapes’ mission has been to provide the best landscape design, installation and maintenance services in the region. more

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A wealth of knowledge about wealth”® is their tagline. While the partners of Smith, Mayer & Liddle are disciples of continuous education. more

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The phrase “setting a gold standard” is put into practice every day at Lancaster’s Finch Jewelers. more

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Harrisburg’s Café Fresco Center City was the first restaurant to introduce an American-Asian Fusion menu to central Pennsylvania, according to Executive Chef Travis Mumma. more

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Marcia Perry believes in dreaming big. After getting her start in radio, in her home state of Ohio at the age of 18, she moved to Nashville, determined to become the first black female country singer. more

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