Julie Gargotta


Photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer

Along a street lined with towering, mature sycamores that form a shady canopy over the asphalt sits a brick home. more

Fashion & Beauty

Between talk of top-load versus front-load and mid-range versus high-end, sifting through endless models of laundry appliances can be difficult. more

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Around the Susquehanna Valley, a clear trend has developed in the wedding industry. more



Bath photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer, Kitchen photography by John Herr

Talented designers from Lancaster, York and Harrisburg submitted their most fabulous projects for the chance to see their work in the pages of Susquehanna Style. more

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Photography by MJ Photography

Shaded by large, floppy hats and crouched low to the ground, three women in the field pick bugs off winter squash. more

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Photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer

As a child growing up in the 1960s and 70s, Brad Wevodau always loved the homes situated along the Conodoguinet Creek in Cumberland County. more

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Photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer

Along the back roads and highways of America, royally awesome barbecue joints stake their claims, and the Susquehanna Valley is no exception. more


What is it about older homes that intrigues us so much? Some might be quick to point out architectural details, like beautiful hardwood floors, stately trims and antique hardware. more

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For some, the decision to add a yard fence is purely based upon aesthetics. Perhaps you picture the white picket variation of years past adding charm to your lot, or want to complement your hardscape with a matching mate. more

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Photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer

On a hill in Oxford sits a tall, brick mansion with lots of windows. It towers high, stretching towards the sky, and stately columns frame its pale blue door. more

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Let’s face it: The prospect of having less money on hand now for a seemingly far away future isn’t appealing. more

Life Style


Photography by Donovan Roberts Witmer

A little over a year ago, Jodie Landry opened Pieces, an antique and vintage boutique in downtown York. Today the owner and designer takes Susquehanna Style on a tour of her impossibly fabulous home, room by room. more

House & Home

Imagine: It's your own little oasis, a private corner of the world tailored to suit your needs. more

House & Home

It's a space that most people don't often see when they visit someone else’s home. But it’s there, silently collecting clutter, and housing everything from old boxes of papers and holiday decorations to lawn care equipment and children’s toys. more

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Nate Brubaker

Local kitchen and bath experts throughout the region submitted their most stylish projects for the chance to be featured. Read on to find out which sophisticated spaces took the titles. more